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Cha Do-kyung was an “it girl” and center of the attention during her school days. Thanks to her looks and affluent family background, she was surrounded by many suitors and admirers. On the other hand, Jang Gong-sim, Do-kyung’s friend, who always lagged far behind Do-kyung in every aspect felt inferior to her while growing up. However, Do-kyung’s accidental one-night stand with Bong-hee, Gong-shim’s then boyfriend, led to an unwanted pregnancy with twins. Do-kyung and Bong-hee’s subsequent marriage made the two women live a very different life. Do-kyung becomes an ordinary homemaker while betrayed Gong-shim who went to overseas to pursue her study becomes a celebrity which could have been Do-kyung’s fate. Their reversed situation makes them at odds with each other and they end up fighting over Hyun-woo who once had a crush on Do-kyung when young. Torn between the two women, will Hyun-woo stick to his first love who became another man’s wife or will he decide to marry Gong-shim, the ugly duckling turned into the beautiful swan? Will Gong-shim’s efforts to win Hyun-woo’s heart be successful? --KBS World

Download the Original SoundTrack here : Just Click on the Download link

 Title: The Queen Returns
Artist: Various Artists

Track List

01. With Me
02. 그대라서 고마워요(modern Ballad ver.)
03. 네비게이션(나봉희(탁재훈)song)
04. 후회
05. 그리고 미안해
06. 그대라서 고마워요(Ballad ver.)
07. Opening Title(공주가 돌아왔다!)
08. 그대와 함께 춤을
09. 사랑에 빠졌어요
10. 어떡하나요
11. 추억속에 잠기다
12. 니가 좋아
13. 오랫만의 외출
14. 그래도 난
15. 못먹어도 Go


Credit : K*Pop World klik aja deh


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