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OST - Boys Before Flower (BBF) F4 Special Edition Full Album->Download

Postingan ini berisi lagu-lagu dari serial Korea Boys Before Flowers (BBF) yang dinyanyikan oleh personel-personel F4 sendiri baik Lee Min Hoo, Kim Bum dan lainnya... penasaran?? silahkan download lagu-lagunya pada link-link download berikut di bawah ini

01 . Sometimes - SS501
02 . My Everything - 이민호 (Lee Min Ho)
03 . 비워내기(Empty) - 김준 (Kim Jun Feat. Kim Jo Han)
04 . 지금 만나러 갑니다 (I'm Going To Meet Her) - 김범(Kim Bum)
05 . 행복이란 (Happiness) - 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong)
06 . 가슴이 어떻게 됐나봐(My Heart Has A Brain Freeze) - A'st1 & T-Max
07 . 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Ballad Ver.) - 티맥스 (T-Max)
08 . 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Dance Ver.) - 티맥스 (T-Max)
09 . 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Club Ver.) - 티맥스 (T-Max)
10 . 숨겨봐도 안되는 마음 - 이지혜 (Lee Ji Hye)
11 . 널 사랑해(Bang Bang Boom!) - 티맥스 (T-Max)
12 . Kochboda Namja - Kim Yeon Woo
13 . Do You Know - Someday feat. Jea
14 . Because I'm Stupid (Acoustic) - Kim Hyun Joong
15 . Because I'm Stupid (Ballad Ver.) LIVE - Kim Hyun Joong
16 . Happiness LIVE - Kim Hyun Joong
17 . I'm Going To Meet Her (Live) - Kim Bum
18 . I Don't Know Anything But Love - Koo Hye Seon
19 . Because I'm Stupid (English Version)

Source : K-Pop World

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