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God Of Study : Korean Drama Terbaru

Satu lagi Korean Drama memikat yang hadir di tahun 2010., Ya karena sebenarnya serial ini baru tayang di KBS2 TV tepatnya tanggal 4 Januari kemarin.

Drama Info:

English Title: Lord of Study / God of Study / Master Of Study
Korean Title: 공부의 신
TV Station: KBS2
TV Series derived: Japanese TV drama for Dragon Zakura
Episodes: 16+
Broadcast Period: January, 4, 2010
Timeslot: Mondays & Tuesday 9:55pm (To Replace the drama Invincible Lee Pyung Kang)


“Entering Korea’s top prestigious university is a breeze if you are equipped with perseverance, study skills and a careful strategy”

Kang Seok-ho, a former juvenile delinquent–turned-lawyer, is requested to take care of the liquidation of Byeong-mun High School. Looking at the difficult situation the school goes through, Seok-ho decides to save the school and the one and only solution he comes up with to keep the school from breakup is produce as many as Cheon-ha University (CU) applicants.
Seok-ho expects that if the school continues to increase the number of CU applicants every year, more students want to apply for the school, and that helps Byeong-mun overcome its financial difficulties. He is allowed to set up a special class on condition that he would bring 5 students in three days and raise their grades to the point where they can enter Cheon-ha University without difficulty.
Meanwhile, a group of creditors barges into Hwang Baek-hyeon’s place. Baek-hyeon, a student of Byeong-mun high, is a juvenile delinquent who has no interest instudy . Out of sympathy, Seok-ho mobilizes all the knowledge he can to save Baek-hyeon’s family. He emphasizes the importance of learning to Baek-hyeon by saying “If you don’t want to be deceived by others, all you can do isstudy, study and study!!!”
Full of great anticipation, Seok-ho embarks on the special class. He makes the five students live together and invites high-profile instructors.
Now the journey to reviving the troubled Byeong-mun high begins!


The Students:

The Special Class Teachers:

 Byung Moon High School Teachers:
Nah buat yang agak-agak penasaran sama jalan ceritanya., mereka udah buat teaser lho... nah berikut cuplikannya

Credit : YouTube by Vagabond190
God of Study merupakan drama Korea yg mengambil cerita ato remake dari drama Jepang yg berasal dari manga populer berjudul Dragon Zakura yg bakalan menceritakan kehidupan SMA. Drama ini bakalan diperankan oleh beberapa aktris muda dan senior, sebut aja Kim Su Ro dan Bae Doo Na sebagai gurunya. Serta, Yoo Seung Ho, Jiyeon T-Ara, Go Ah Sung (anak kecil di film The Host) dan Lee Hyun Woo (Kim Yushin kecil di Queen Seon Duk).
Kira-kira respon penonton nanti gimana ya…??? Kalo menurut Kalian sendiri gimana…???
Credit : allkpop
credit : asianfansclub
Cre:halakbatak klik aja deh


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