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OST - Coffee Prince Full Album Download

1st Shop of Coffee Prince OST Version 2

Release Date: September 14, 2007

CD 1
01. Love Is Weaken When It Comes Out Of Mouth - Low-End Project
02. A Reunion and a Bagel - Yoo Ju & Han Sung’s Dialogue
03. Good Bye - The Melody
04. May - Belle Epoque
05. Again (Acoustic Ver.) - Cloud Cuckoo Land
06. A Desired Confession - Casker
07. Gazer Razer (Studio Live Ver.) - Tearliner
08. Making Up - Eun Chan & Han Kyul’s Dialogue
09. Make Up - Adult Children
10. I’ll Be A Virgin I’ll Be AMountain - MaximilianHecker
11. November - Fanny Fink
12. Eun Chan Cries Out Loud - Eun Chan’s Dialogue
13. Rain Coat - Tearliner
14. To The Top - Misty Blue
15. Han Kyul Decides to Send Eun Chan Overseas - Eun Chan & Han Kyul’s Dialogue
16. Alien - Arco
CD 2
01. Han Kyul’s Confession - Han Kyul’s Dialogue
02. Sad Thing - Adult Children
03. Brotherhood - Eun Chan & Han Kyul’s Dialogue
04. I Messed Up The Relationship - Low-End Project
05. Oh My Gosh! - Kim Chang Wan
06. Coffee Is - Cloud Cuckoo Land
07. Running - Donawhale
08. A Maturing Love - Eun Chan & Han Kyul’s Dialogue
09. A Good Person - Fanny Fink
10. Wishy-Washy Boy - Tearliner
11. Last Arpeggios - Bluedawn
12. The Discovery of Love - Eun Chan & Han Kyul’s Dialogue
13. Balloons & Champagne - Ephemera
14. Novaless - Tearliner
15. Eun Chan, Come Quickly! Eun Chan, I Miss You! - Han Kyul’s Dialogue
16. Perfect World (Restraint) - Arco
17. Space Island (Moon Version) - Tearliner
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