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OST - Sad Love Song Full Album Download

1st Project (Yoon Geon's Sad Love Story)
01. Prologue - Yoon Gun
02. sarang han da myun - Yoon Gun
03. nae ge oh get ni - Yoon Gun
04. byul - Yoon Gun
05. he uh ji ja go - Yoon Gun
06 myut bun eul he uh jyuh do - Yoon Gun
07. nae ge oh get ni (Piano Nocturn) - Yoon Gun
08. myut bun eul he uh jyuh do (Hye In song) - Kim Hee Sun
09. sarang han da myun (Music Box Ver.) - Yoon Gun
10. Sad Aria - Yoon Gun
11. If You (sarang han da myun) - Yoon Gun
12. kimi wo utau (nae ge oh get ni) - Yoon Gun
13. You’re Gone (myut bun eul he uh jyuh do) - Yoon Gun

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2nd Project

1. Song Seung Heon - Even after ten years
2. Kim Hui Seon - No matter how many times we part
3. Yeon Jeong Hoon - No matter how many times we part
4. Song Seung Heon - You...
5. SG Wannabe - Even if I meet another love
6. Vibe - No matter how many times we part
7. M2M - The burnt tree
8. Kim Jae Wook - A Favor
9. Gwak Eun Gi - Not Guilty
10. Even after ten years (Piano Nocturne)
11. No matter how many times we part (Piano Nocturne - Yeon Jeong Hoon)
12. Even after ten years (Instrumental)

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Pop & Orchestra Version

1 . Prologue
02 . 몇 번을 헤어져도 (Humming)
03 . 사랑한다면 - 윤건
04 . 몇번을 헤어져도 (김희선)
05 . L.O.V.E (Children Waltz)
06 . L.O.V.E (Song By 김희선) - Nat King Cole
07 . In The Death Car (Song By 진희경) - Iggy Pop
08 . Hit The Road Jack (Song By 진희경) - Ray Charles
09 . Yesterday Once More (Song By 김희선) - Carpenters
10 . I'll Be There (Song By 김희선) - Jackson 5
11 . L.O.V.E (Song By 김희선) - Nat King Cole (Bosanoba Version)
12 . Title
13 . 겨울이야기
14 . 운명
15 . 다시또...
16 . 내게오겠니 (Piano)
17 . 단풍길
18 . 회상 1 (Humming, 김희선)
19 . 회상 2
20 . Memory
21 . Epilogue 

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