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Sitcom 'Soulmate' OST1-Best Full Album Download Part 2


Soulmate (소울메이트) OST 1 - BEST

Disc 1 - Soul Side
01. Nouvelle Vague - This Is Not A Love Song
02. Bang Gang - Stop In The Name Of Love
03. Lasse Lindh - C'mon Through
04. Laurel Music - Since You've Gone
05. Olivia - Fly Me To The Moon
06. Brynhildur Gudjónsdóttir (Brynhildur Guðjónsdóttir) - Milod
07. Cocosuma - The Servant
08. Nouvelle Vague - In A Manner Of Speaking
09. Lasse Lindh - The Stuff
10. Toki Asako (土岐麻子) - Play Our Love's Theme
11. Lisa Loeb - Goodbye To Romance
12. Linus Of Hollywood - Everyday I Fall In Love Again
13. Lasse Lindh - C'mon Through (Soulmate Edit)

Disc 2 - Mate Side
01. Monla (몽라) - Soulmate
02. Physical Function Of Groove - That's Why
03. Casker (캐스커) - Every Saturday (Modeun Toyoir - 모든 토요일)
04. Blue'Sorbet (블루 샤벳) - Satisfy Me
05. Eniac - I Miss You
06. Lasid - Blue Bossa
07. Postino (포스티노) - After Time Passes (Sigani Heureun Dwien - 시간이 흐른 뒤엔)
08. The Note (더 노트) - Doesn't Know (Geugeotdo Moreugo - 그것도 모르고)
09. Eniac - I Love You
10. Peppertones - Change Between The Years (Byeonhaegan Sewolsogeseo - 변해간 세월속에서)(With Cabinet Singalongs 캐비넷 싱얼롱즈)
11. Aquibird - Get Your Hands Up
12. Sung Hyun (성현) - Eyes
13. Blue'Sorbet (블루 샤벳) - Hallucination (Hwancheong - 환청)
14. Monla (몽라) - Paris, Paris!

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