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Buat Widget Seru dengan Free Flash Toys

Untuk menampilkan widget-widget keren tentang diri kita ternyata ga perlu keahlian khusus lho. cukup kalian kunjungi situs

Di dalam situs tersebut terdapat bermacam-macam widget keren yaitu,

1. Stick Figure Family
widget ini ini menampilkan susunan keluarga kita. You know those family stickers you see on every minivan in the world? Well now you can get them for free for your profile. And since it's digital you can do some sweet stuff like customizing the people, naming them, and even choosing the most obnoxious colors ever seen. It's your Stick Figure Family, make 'em how you want 'em.

2. Glitter Text Maker
widget ini seperti biasanya yang kita lihat di friendster or blog. The words you are reading right now SUCK. And why do they suck? Because they are a plain old stupid font. Stop messaging your friends with stupid plain fonts, when the GLITTER TEXT MAKER is free to use! Type your messages in the text box below and pick your glitter effect. BAM! No more suck. Use it a thousand times! Every time!

3. Photo Kissing Booth
widget ini merupakan widget unik karena photo yg kita upload akan kita beri gambar kecupan2 yang cukup unik.♥ ♥ ♥ Who doesn't love being kissed ♥ ♥ ♥ ??? HITLER, that's who! So hurry up and prove your wonderfulness by putting your picture in a kissing booth! Then friends can leave you kisses on your profile and you'll feel fantastic. Kisses make the world go round :).

4. Full Page Pets
widget ini juga cukup unik, coba deh.Have you ever visited a friends' MySpace page and gone, "HOLY COW, that is so cool, how did they do that!?!?" Well guess what, now YOU get to be that friend. With Full-Page Pets you can pick your favorite pet to walk across your ENTIRE screen. It's the best pet-decoration of all time. *Note: Only shows up in Internet Explorer.

5. Countdown Clocks
widget ini berfungsi jika kita akan mempunyai sebuah event seperti ultah kita dsb. What's going to happen!? When is it going to happen!? Whether it's an upcoming birthday, or a prediction of the apocalypse, you'll never be left wondering "how long until...?" again! So if you have a birthday, anniversary, graduation, vacation, holiday, dentist appiontment or whatever (which you do) then get a Countdown Clock!

6. Ask The Flowers
Remember passing love notes in grade school? "Do you like me? Check yes or no!" Well, we miss that. You miss that. Now its back! Only with roses. Girls think its cute, guys look better to girls because they think its cute. Win win!

7.Tic Tac Scare Prank
Haha... we love scaring people with good 'ol pranks. That's why we made TIC TAC SCARE. It's one of the best ways to make your friends piss themselves, by playing a "harmless" game of tic tac toe. So put it on your profile and wait to hear your friends' reactions. People even record the reactions on YouTube! Check it out.

8. Refrigerator Magnets
Remember those fridge magnets? You know, the cool letter ones that you used to spell your name with when you were little, then... bad words with after you learned those bad words? Well, now your friends and anyone else can do fun things like that on your page! Keep your page and your food fresh with "Refrigerator Magnets."

9. Photo Doll
You know those photo dolls you see on every minivan in the world? Well now you can get them for free for your profile. And since it's digital you can do some sweet stuff like customizing the people, naming them, and even choosing the most obnoxious colors ever seen. It's your Photo Doll, make 'em how you want 'em.

10. Photo Slideshow
Slideshows are a MUST HAVE for anyone who has online pictures. Thankfully, you've just found the easiest and hottest way to make one! You can import your pictures directly from your computer, MySpace, Facebook, and lots of other places. It's so easy you HAVE to give it a try.

11. Digital Clock
If you're like most people and are on social networks all the time, then you need a Digital Clock on your page! It looks awesome and it helps you and your friends not lose track of your day/life online! :) After all, do you want to wind up like this guy?

12. Sim Pets
How many SIM Pets do you have??? SIM Pets are the easiest, cutest, and most fun thing you'll ever put on your profile. You and your friends can play with your new pet in good ways and bad ways... and your pet will respond and grow up right before your eyes!

13. Photo Puzzle
This is WAY more addicting than you would ever imagine. Make your friends REALLY look at one of your favorite pictures by putting it together in puzzle-form. There's three difficulty levels and they are all a blast. So spice up your profile with something fun and new with a PHOTO PUZZLE.

14. Magazine Creator
Widget ini berfungsi menampilkan gambar-gambar kesayangan anda dalam bentuk tampilan majalah.menurut saya ini yang paling menarik.

Selamat Mencoba dan jangan lupa beri komentar jika artikel ini bermanfaat untuk anda ^_^

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  • satria

    Sangat menarik..
    Ehm..leh saran dikit ga, coba sekalian terjemahin aja kedalam bahasa indonesia yang inggris2nya itu. pasti lebih menarik...

  • keisha florist


    HP.0812 6480 2849

  • abilairie

    Bos, menarik banget artikelnya, nambah lagi nih ilmu, cuman terjemahin ngapa bahasa inggrisnya, biar pada ngerti gitu.

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